Gels for Scars

There are several scars that can form after the body has experienced a trauma or injury. Common scar types are known as keloids, hypertrophic, surgery, burn, laceration, acne, and piercing scars. All these scars can be managed using the same management option. Individuals who are affected by the scar types above should use a topical scar product. Scar gels can be obtained online or in-store purchases can be made. However, when purchasing gels for scars, it is important to consider the products cost, size, application, ingredients, warnings and when results may show.

There are a variety of scar gels on the market. Some scar gels can offer results within a month of application, whereas others may take 2-3 months to offer results. Before applying a scar gel you should review the ingredients and warnings section on the product label. Scars gels that contain the ingredient silicone are suggested for use. Silicone is an ingredient that has been shown to provide good results for most scar types. Silicone ingredients are good for moisture and help the scar from drying out. The best gels for scars on the market are applicable on all scar types and skin types. Before making a purchase, make sure the product is applicable on your specific scar type.  Visit to see a review of one of the most popular products.

Scar gels can help smooth the appearance of both old and new scars. Gels are easy-to-use and may be more affordable than other scar management options. Some scar gels can retail for as little as $50. Some manufacturers even offer Buy 2, Get 1 Free purchase specials. Other manufacturer’s who do not offer purchase specials may offer a coupon to discount the cost of a single bottle. However, if gels do not help fade the appearance of scars, then a scar remover treatment can be researched.

Laser and Microderabrasion treatments are considered scar remover options. These treatments help remove the upper layers of skin and help stimulate the production of new collagen. However, these treatments can be expensive, especially if multiple treatments are required. Also, these options cannot be performed in your own home. This means you have to schedule an appointment with a medical facility in your area that offers these treatments.