Causes of Stretch Marks on the Hips

For the majority of women, stretch marks on hips are a fact of life. So, what causes stretch marks? Stretch marks develop when there is growth or expansion of the body that occurs so rapidly, the dermis layer of the skin is unable to accommodate and as a result tears occur. These tears are what we call stretch marks. Because the hips are an area of the body that undergo great growth and change for women during puberty and other periods of life, stretch marks are incredibly common on this part of the body. In terms of what causes stretch marks, there are several different factors. Puberty, pregnancy, and even genetics can play a role in stretch mark development. While stretch marks causes vary, the end result does not change, regardless of the cause of stretch marks, women are left with unwanted and unsightly marks on their hips and on other parts of their bodies.

Stretch marks on hips are no different from stretch marks on any other part of the body. If you have stretch marks on your hips, there is no need to agonize or stress over them. Go to this website for more information.  In this day and age women can be active in minimizing the visible appearance of their stretch marks and in doing so can feel more confident and less self-conscious.

Stretch marks on hips are ideal for a stretch mark cream. While laser stretch mark therapy can cost thousands of dollars and take multiple appointments before initial results can even be seen, the best stretch mark creams can be bought online for under a hundred dollars a bottle and show visible results within several weeks of instructed daily use. In terms of practicality and money, stretch mark creams are the clear winner. While some women may be skeptical about the efficacy of stretch mark creams, the best stretch mark creams available on the market today are specially formulated to radically diminish the look of stretch marks. The highest quality products also have no known risk for potentially damaging side effects, and are formulated with natural ingredients.

While taking risks are a part of life, when it comes to stretch marks you do not have to resign yourself to undergoing treatments or procedures with a long list of potential side effects or risks, not when there are stretch mark creams available that minimize risk while helping to make your hip stretch marks appear visibly reduced. It is a good idea to keep stretch marks causes on the mind and try and avoid certain factors that might cause them to appear. Managing a healthy weight, not gaining or losing weight too quickly, building muscle growth slowly, and being proactive about pregnancy stretch marks can help decrease the end results of stretch marks and how they may appear.