How To Treat Old Stretch Marks

senior-smile-1347640-mHow would you like to get rid of stretch marks that are noticeable? To totally get rid of stretch marks may not be impossible. A lot of women and men may feel getting rid of their stretch marks is as easy as applying a cream. That’s untrue. After doing a little research it becomes more apparent that stretch marks can be addressed in a few different ways. After all how to treat old stretch marks along with new ones is on a lot of people’s minds.

Cosmetic surgical removal is the only way to guarantee to get rid of stretch marks. Keep in mind this procedure may not be available for all areas of the body and some may not be a good candidate for elective surgery. There are also other factors such as length and location that might determine if all areas of the marks can totally be removed.

There are many treatments that can help address both old and new stretch marks. Laser therapy, microdermabrasion, and peels are most common. All of these treatments take time, money, and regular scheduled visits to possibly help reduce the appearance of the marked areas. Laser treatments seem to be the new recommended option of how to treat old stretch marks, as compared to microdermabrasion (see results of a microbrasion study here) or peels. These treatments cannot fully get rid of stretch marks all together, but may help make a drastic difference in the look and feel of the areas.

Besides the above mentioned procedures and treatments, individuals may elect to research a topical stretch mark cream to help reduce the look of their stretch mark areas. Topical products are not a way to get rid of stretch marks fully, but they can substantially make them less noticeable. More information can be obtained at regarding both old and new stretch marks. Application of a stretch mark cream daily may certainly help hide the appearance of those unwanted stretch marks. A good stretch mark cream is clinically tested and proven to diminish the look of stretch marks, is applicable on both old and new marks, and is cost-effective.

Both women and men at some point want to know how to get rid of stretch marks. There are many treatments and alternative options available to help address stretch marks to make them less noticeable, so do your research before electing your next step.